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“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

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Wedding Couple at Parker Palm Springs

For couples, their wedding day is the ultimate expression of their love. It is a celebration, together with friends and family, marking a new chapter in their lives. The day deserves to be special and choosing the right location can make all the difference.

Wedding venues in Palm Springs, CA are always at a premium, none more so than the gorgeous private estate of Parker Palm Springs. The historic, oasis-like property, one-of-a-kind amenities, and unique ambience provide the perfect setting for a truly memorable day for you and your guests.

Randy Araiza, Catering Sales Manager at Parker Palm Springs, says that the popularity of weddings on the estate means Saturdays are often booked. “When you have your wedding at Parker Palm Springs, it becomes a true destination wedding,” Randy says, “and a destination wedding actually gives you more flexibility.”

Randy says Saturday weddings mean guests may come just for the weekend, however having your wedding on another day of the week inspires guests to turn your invitation into a vacation. “You have more time to spend with your guests and they have more time to explore our property and Palm Springs.” A non-Saturday wedding also means guests are travelling on non-peak days, which makes travelling easier, especially if they are coming long distances. “The whole experience is more relaxed, for guests and the wedding couple,” she says.

“My favorite wedding day is Sunday,” Randy says. “Parker Palm Springs is an exclusive property and feels even more so on Sundays. It’s as if the couple has the whole property to themselves.”

  • Wedding Couple at Parker Palm Springs
  • Wedding Couple at Parker Palm Springs

In terms of wedding venues, California has few destinations that offer the magical combination of beauty, relaxed sophistication, and convenience as Parker Palm Springs. As a destination wedding venue, we can help plan more than just the wedding day. “I recommend a welcome party the day before,” Randy says. “It allows people — many who have not seen each other for months or even years — time to catch up before the wedding day. It really helps set the tone.”

For the big day itself, Randy’s many contacts are invaluable. “When I’m working with a couple, I recommend one of our preferred partners for the wedding planner,” she says. “They know Parker Palm Springs and are able to ensure a seamless experience.” Randy can also recommend other vendors, such as hair and makeup, lighting, DJs, florists, photographers, and videographers. “They all have more availability on days other than Saturday,” Randy says. “You’re more likely to be able to hire the vendors of your choice if you plan a wedding that’s not on a Saturday.”

Parker Palm Springs offers multiple outdoor areas to choose from. “A shared expression of love, in the midst of our private, desert oasis, makes for an unforgettable ceremony,” Randy says. The day after the wedding, the benefits of a destination wedding really come to the fore. “I suggest starting with what I like to call a Recovery Brunch,” Randy says. “Then guests can linger by one of our three pools, spend time at the spa, or even take a bike and explore Palm Springs.”

When planning your wedding, consider a non-Saturday celebration. The day you choose can give you and your guests extra time together, and help turn your wedding into a magical time, making memories for everyone.


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