The Secrets of the Lemonade Stand

The sweetness of life lies in dispensing with formalities.

— Muhammad Ali


A perfect day in the desert does not have to be complicated. Warm sun, a refreshing cocktail, a comfortable chair, a glistening pool, and good conversation are the simple ingredients of a memorable day, well spent.

At Parker Palm Springs, the epicenter for perfect days like these is Lemonade Stand, located in the heart of our 13-acre private estate. Whether poolside or seated en plein air beneath the palms, the distinct striped awning of the stand is your sign that relaxation, and the perfect concoction await.

Charleen Senior, Head Lemon, says getting here from your room is like walking through an enchanted forest. “You meander down paths and then suddenly it opens into this Alice in Wonderland like space. It’s a hidden gem and a one-of-a-kind Palm Springs pool bar.”

The Lemonade Stand is designed to follow the sun. 

Beginning at 11 am, ‘early risers’ can the enjoy the feeling of almost having the place to themselves. “It is quieter, and the music is playing low,” says Charleen. “You can get your Zen on.”

As the day progresses, the energy picks up and so does the need for refreshment. Charleen says the cocktail selection at Lemonade Stand is unique and varied and she recommends tasting at least one of their three signature drinks.

Muddled Lemon: Limoncello, lemon soda, and a fresh lemon. It is less sweet and an excellent thirst quencher on a hot day.

Main Squeeze: Effin vodka, lemonade, lime soda, and Chambord. A little bit sweeter, it is dangerously drinkable.

Chucky: A delicious concoction of vodka, cucumber, mint, and lemon.

The music surrounding Lemonade Stand is carefully curated to ensure the vibe is always upbeat. Charleen says it creates the perfect atmosphere to hang out and strike up a conversation with those around you. “It is a place for fun and relaxation.”

Lemonade Stand also has a fantastic light-fare menu. Prawn Ceviche, perfect for time by the pool, and Street Tacos with chicken and salsa verde are two favorites. Later in the afternoon, those who have reserved poolside seating are treated to a restorative pick-me-up in the form of a complimentary fresh fruit kabob.

  • Parker Palm Springs Lemonde Stands with Bicycles
  • Bikes parked at the Lemonade Stand

By sunset, the music hits the sweet spot. People meet their friends. Or make new ones. Some are in their swimsuits. Some are dressed for dining and are popping by for a pre-dinner drink. 

Hair up or hair down, the moment is what you make it.


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