The Latest Trends in Weddings

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because
reality is finally better than your dreams.”

— Dr. Seuss


Spring is a fabulous time in the desert. The flora is in bloom, the temperature is ideal, and life is just plain beautiful. For those in love and planning their nuptials, it is the perfect time to visit Parker Palm Springs, long considered one of the best wedding venues in California.

Our private, 13-acre estate is perhaps the most stunning Palm Springs resort in the Coachella Valley. An oasis of palm and citrus trees, the property boasts three swimming pools, an exclusive spa, multiple dining and cocktail venues, and many unique indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate almost any wish for a couple’s special day. For those starting to plan their celebration, Randy Araiza, our on-property wedding and catering expert, shares five of the latest trends to consider. 


Engagement photos that inspire anticipation of the wedding. “Couples who have booked their wedding with us can also take their engagement photos at Parker Palm Springs,” Randy says. Once a couple has secured their date, they are invited to return with their photographer. With all the distinctive settings and backdrops at Parker Palm Springs, it’s an opportunity for the couple to start building the excitement of their big day and sharing that anticipation with their guests. 


Longer, full-weekend weddings. “Couples want to spend more time with their guests,” Randy says, “so many are now booking three-day weekend weddings.” Often, Friday is the welcome party, Saturday is the wedding, and Sunday offers time for brunch together, before guests depart. 

However, couples are often planning their wedding for a non-traditional day of the week, such as Friday. “It also allows couples to have a whole day after the celebration to spend with their guests before they return home on Sunday,” Randy says. It makes for a more relaxed wedding experience and allows guests to turn the wedding into a mini vacation.

One of the many benefits of the full weekend wedding is that the Concierge Team can plan events for guests to take full advantage of their time in Palm Springs. Or the couple can provide an on-property list of activities for their guests, such as a pre-rehearsal-dinner croquet tournament complete with Pimm’s Cups, or Pétanque, or tennis. With so much to do, it’s easy for guests to get to know each other before the wedding itself, and among the many reasons Parker Palm Springs is regarded as one of the most memorable wedding venues in Palm Springs.


Dancing before dinner. “I’ve noticed that couples are looking for a more relaxed flow to their day,” Randy says. Couples now often plan a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, so guests can enjoy a drink before taking their seats for the wedding. Another trend that Randy is noticing is starting the dinner with dancing. Some couples want their guests to get moving on the dance floor at the beginning of the evening. After about 30 minutes of dancing, the energy of the room is lifted, and that’s when the couple makes their entrance. It creates more of a celebration right from the start. 


Incorporating cultural traditions. “Many couples are looking to bring their heritage into the wedding celebration,” Randy says. “For example, some couples choose their late-night snack to reflect their culture.” At one recent wedding with guests invited from Hong Kong, the couple chose Lo Mein noodles with chopsticks as their late-night snack and Randy says the guests loved it. Another couple with ties to the Middle East celebrated with a large fruit and nut table, which is traditional for their culture. “It’s the personal touches that make weddings so memorable and create a connection,” Randy says.


Vibrant wedding cakes. “I’m seeing couples choose non-traditional colors for their wedding cakes,” Randy says. The pastry chef at Parker Palm Springs works with the couple to create their dream cake. When the couple sends in their inspiration images of cakes, a trend Randy is noticing is that often, they are no longer iced in white or ivory, rather they’re frosted in vibrant colors such as teal or green, reflecting the colors of their wedding. 



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