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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

— Benjamin Franklin


Parker Palm Springs Pool Setting on Sunny DayThe history and beauty of Palm Springs has been immortalized in numerous ways: on film, in painting, and in music. The stunning desert landscape, the endless azure-tinged sky, and the seductive golden sunlight create a provocative environment that inspires and intrigues. This distinctive setting has also provided the backdrop for novels from many famous writers.

Parker Palm Springs, considered to be the best luxury resort in Palm Springs, perfectly captures the area’s je ne sais quoi in its art, architecture, and amenities. Spread over thirteen acres on a private estate, here it is easy to feel you have escaped to another world, one that has inspired so many over the years. In this distinct setting, relaxing by one of our three gorgeous swimming pools, in the world’s most comfortable lounge chair, it is easy to let your mind wander and dream a little. It is moments like these where all great stories begin. 

Here are a few of our favorite novels whose stories are set in Palm Springs.



Poodle Springs, Raymond Chandler, 1958  

A classic noir potboiler, featuring the hard-nosed private investigator, Phillip Marlowe. Written by the prolific Raymond Chandler, his iconic detective appeared in eight previous novels.

Poodle Springs was intended to be part of a collection of short stories but only four chapters had been written at the time of Chandler’s death in 1959. With the permission of the Chandler estate, the novel was completed by Robert B. Parker in 1989. The story is set in the fictitious town of ‘Poodle Springs’ but there is no mistaking Chandler’s inspiration for the setting.






The Guncle, Steven Rowley, 2021

Palm Springs has long been the escape of choice for Hollywood and Parker Palm Springs has always been a favorite of the glitterati; the estate having been previously owned by both Gene Autry and Merv Griffin. 

The Guncle is a story of a Hollywood star who banishes himself to Palm Springs only to be thrust back into the limelight by, of all people, his young niece and nephew when they come to spend the summer with him. One of the ‘must reads’ of 2021, this witty, frothy novel has plenty of depth under the surface.






The Saint Goes West, Leslie Charteris, 1942

Simon Templar, the character known as ‘The Saint’ appeared in 90 novels beginning in 1928, when author Leslie Charteris was just 21 years old. Born to an English mother and Chinese father in Singapore in 1907, he changed his last name from Bowyer-Lin to Charteris in 1926, selecting it from a phone book.

The novels were hugely popular and inspired the smash 1960s TV series “The Saint”, starring the ever-dapper Roger Moore, prior to his 007 fame.  This collection of short stories includes ‘Palm Springs’ which finds our hero hired to protect a millionaire from gambling thugs, while trying not to be distracted by his client’s three beautiful girlfriends. Spoiler alert, he gets distracted.




The Deer Park, Norman Mailer, 1955

One of America’s finest writers, Mailer was an innovator of ‘creative nonfiction,’ along with contemporaries such as Truman Capote. Adroit and versatile, he was also a biographer, filmmaker, and was one of the founders of The Village Voice.

The Deer Park is a blistering story of the American Dream. Set in the fictitious, cactus-laden town of Desert D’Or, standing in for Palm Springs, it is where Hollywood royalty go to get away from it all (and they still do). Called an “indispensable, American treasure,” The Deer Park is a must-read novel from a must-read writer. 


When it is time to get away from it all, let Parker Palm Springs be the setting for your next great story.



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