mister parker’s reopening

“The main obligation is to amuse yourself”
— J.S. Perelman


mister parkers venue

Parker Palm Springs is pleased to announce the reopening of mister parker’s, their venerable dining establishment and watering hole. 

Befitting dreamy aesthetes, wandering flaneurs, and swaggering dandies, it is dark, discreet, and decadent, known the world over for its over-the-top décor and under-the-tank mischief. Here, the high-born agreeably mix with the lowbrow, the bon vivants nurse the lugubrious, and everyone is ‘wilkommen’. 

mister parker’s is a guy’s guy sort of place with a menu to match – epicurean, savory favorites with Executive Chef Pedro Barosa’s personal touch. Renowned internationally from his time working in destinations such as Istanbul, Dubai, and Miami, Chef Barosa draws on his experience for inspiration.

The wine list is as unique as the room and not for the faint of heart. The bar is noteworthy too and is happy to provide a martini in lieu of an entrée or desert – all in service of extending the pleasure principle.

We offer only one seating per night so you can sit and enjoy the evening with no pressure to move or rush. As for the dress code, it is simple – wear something special. That means come looking your best – stylish and chic, but not stuffy – just like Mr. Parker himself. note: jackets are required for gentlemen. This is the kind of place your cool, in-the-know uncle would take you for a mischievous night out of discreet fine dining and decadent fun.

Every evening, mister parker’s signals it is open by turning on the hot pink light above the entrance and it is your invitation to an unforgettable evening. The personal touch is something you will experience throughout the evening and is part, but not all, of our secret. Once seated you are welcomed with a glass of Champagne and an amuse bouche – because every great night should start this way. 

The room itself is something to behold – dark, mysterious, and slightly over-the-top, in just the right sort of way.  Beautiful objects d’art create a space full of hide-away corners, perfect for voyeurs, illicit rendezvous, and suspicious parties. You will feel relaxed and dangerous all at once.


  • Mr. Parker's plated food
  • Mr. Parker's plated food
  • Mr. Parker's plated food
  • Mr. Parker's plated food


Now comes the cocktail menu. Curated, understated, and hand-crafted, libations here are respected and cherished, and many guests want to keep the menu handy for the entire evening. The Cocktail Noe – Flor de pina, roasted pineapple, Mezcal – is a delicious place to start. Perhaps a Black Manhattan or Pink Paloma is more enticing. Whatever your mood, there is a cocktail for that. 

By now, the seduction is now well underway. You may find yourself moving to the music, your mind free and relaxed, and your appetite calling to be satiated. Voila, our three-course menu. From starter to éntree to dessert, each course is about giving yourself over to the pleasures of a great meal.

Your time with us is not meant to be rushed and choosing wine for each course is a joy to be taken seriously. Our list is exclusively from Bordeaux and Champagne with exceptional vintages that are meant just for such moments. As for bubbles, Mr. Parker only keeps one size in his cellar – magnum. And if you prefer to pair your food with cocktails, we have some recommendations (of course). 

Life deserves to be celebrated, explored, and savored, and mister parker’s is the culmination of a lifetime of pursuing such pleasures. So put on your special pair of cufflinks or slide on that pair of stunning heels and join us for the evening you deserve. We will even send you home with a warm, fresh baked breakfast muffin. Really. How you enjoy it though is up to you.

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