Firepit Evenings

“Sometimes the perfect moment is
simple as a campfire and the stars.”
— Theodore Davis


Evenings are different in the desert. As the sun begins to set and the temperature cools, the sounds of the nocturnal world begin to make themselves known. It is at this time that a special spot within our thirteen-acre private estate comes to life, drawing guests like moths to a flame – Parker Palm Springs’ firepit.

As dusk arrives, the flames of the firepit leap to life and guests seem to magically find their own way here. After a day hike in the desert canyons, an afternoon lounging poolside, or a sumptuous meal at mister parker’s, the firepit is the perfect digestif location. 



Parker Palm Springs is regarded as the best 5-star resort in Palm Springs. Rightly famous for our indulgent luxury, what makes the Parker experience so authentic is the whimsy imbued in all that we do. When it comes to luxury, time is the greatest of them all and the firepit is one of numerous locations around our property that inspires guests to slow down, relax, and truly enjoy the moment.

Sitting fireside, mesmerized by a dancing flame, a cocktail in hand, in an oh-so-comfortable butterfly chair, all beneath the stunning astral display of the desert night sky, it is easy to lose track of time. It is one of the reasons so many of our guests return to our firepit time after time.

For something extra special, enjoy toasting a s’more or two over the fire. It will take you back, take you away, and may even bring on that sense of whimsy that makes Parker Palm Springs so special.

Chatting about your day’s adventures, meeting new friends, planning tomorrow’s itinerary (or deciding there shouldn’t be one), it is the kind of moment that feels important because it feels so right.


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Parker Palm Springs is quietly known as the luxury hotel in Palm Springs. We offer only 144 rooms on thirteen acres of exclusive, private property. To help plan your next vacation, weekend escape, special event, or wedding, please Contact us.


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