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“Why limit happy to an hour?”
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Parker Paloma Cocktail Pour

Fall in the desert is about subtlety, not wholesale change. Gorgeous, hot sunny days and clear, warm starry nights are still the norm. So too is the impeccable style, colorful ambience, and elegant flair of Parker Palm Springs. The reasons to escape to the desert are still the same, only the hues have changed. Slightly.

Our secluded 13-acre property offers so many surprises to discover – fruit trees and herb gardens, sparkling swimming pools, hammocks between giant palms, croquet lawns – all designed to allow guests to truly relax.

Rounding out the incredible experience that is Parker Palm Springs is our belief in eating and drinking well. The Maitre d’ of our renowned on-property restaurant mister parker’s is a culinary aficionado who considers cocktail creation a high art form. “A well-crafted cocktail is one of life’s true pleasures,” he says.

A desire for good cocktails, and the good conversation that goes with it, was the inspiration for Mini Bar. Widely regarded as serving the best cocktails in Palm Springs, it is a shrine for those in the know. Intimate and grandiose at the same time, it is part mod, part modern, and all comfort.

Guests can also choose to enjoy their Mini Bar libation in the lobby itself. More living room than lobby, it is the kind of space that oozes relaxed charm, where people-watching and striking up conversations with strangers are the norm.

If the lobby is our living room, then Mini Bar is its heart. Here are a few of our Fall cocktail recommendations.

Parker Paloma – This cocktail requires a disciplined drinker. Haus Citrus Flower and St. Germaine are taken to new heights when combined with lime and grapefruit, Alchemist Burnt Ginger Juice, and a drop of bitters. Built in a tall glass, topped with a splash of soda, and garnished with orange peel and fresh flowers, your willpower to just sip it will be tested.

Pink Heather – Like many classic drinks, this cocktail starts in a shaker. Chopin Rye, Hibiscus Elixir, lime juice, and a secret ingredient are strained over ice, then garnished with mint and cucumber. Served in a rock glass. Be sure to ask the bartender about the secret ingredient.

Super Food Mule – Every region of the world has its own version of a super food – blueberries, matcha, and açai are examples. At Parker Palm Springs, it is this stunning concoction, combining El Silencio Mezcal, fair trade Goji berry Juice, lime juice, and Alchemist Burnt Ginger Juice. Served in a rock glass, topped with candied ginger, and dried Goji berries, it is a guest favorite. Not too smokey, not too sweet and oh so good (for you).

Passion Fruit Ricky – When it comes to the heat of the desert, gin has long been recognized for its cooling properties. This delicious recipe includes Beefeater 24, agave, lime, and passion fruit juice, shaken to perfection then strained over fresh ice. Topped with soda and garnished with a dill sprig and fresh flowers, you will feel refreshed just for looking at it.


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Regardless of your preference, a good cocktail is one that is memorable, both in the glass and for the company you keep or meet. After all, time well spent is what Parker Palm Springs is all about.


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