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“The sun was hot, Neddy Merril sat by the green water one hand in it, one around a glass of gin. This was the day Neddy Merril swam across the country.” - John Cheever, The Swimmer


5 star resort in Palm Springs
Indoor pool
Pool at night

Deserts and pools make good company -- they are each other’s perfect compliment. Work up a salty sweat on the tennis court or croquet lawn if only to arrive for that poolside moment you dive in and quench it. Or pull a Neddy Merrill and swim non-stop all the pools on our property: Gene Autry, Silicon Valley, and our indoor pool. Finish off with a very chill martini while you congratulate yourself. Eat, drink, make merry or meditate. All available at every pool.


Play your heart out. Our staff is available to settle disputes, provide copies of the official rules, and offer additional libations.

Tennis court

Politesse or savagery; tennis whites or neon brights; singles or doubles – that’s all up to you. In the meantime, don’t be intimidated by our four Terre Battu courts (yacht clubs in the desert, why not clay courts too.) Advance reservations are recommended for court times. Both of our courts are lit for night play and our club Pro is available for private lessons.

Pétanque illustration

Order a Pastis. Select three balls, give your opponent the other three.Throw the little ball. (Cochonnet; the little pig)

Each player throws a ball (feet together) attempting to get as close as possible to the Cochonnet. Player whose ball is NOT closest continues to throw.

After all six balls are thrown, a round is complete. The player with the ball closest to the Cochonnet is declared the winner of the round. He receives one point for each ball closer than the opponent's. (e.g. if each ball is closer than each of his opponent's he would receive 3 total points — one for each ball. Or, if he has the closest ball and then his opponent's three are next, he would receive only one point.) No points are awarded to the rounds loser.

Play continues with winning player throwing "the pig" for each subsequent round until the first player

  1. reaches 13 points
  2. falls down drunk, or
  3. complains about American unilateralism.
Croquet illustration

Order a Pimms Cup. Remark superciliously that "Six Wicket Croquet is really an American game."

There are two teams, one player and one ball. Order of play is order of colors on wicket.

Each Player/Team takes turn going through course as follows: You have the choice of advancing your ball, or knocking the crap out of your opponent's. Each round is one shot. However, you are awarded an immediate extra shot for every wicket you pass through.

The game ends when the first Player/Team either

  1. passes twice through all 6 wickets
  2. orders a third Pimms Cup or,
  3. complains about the quality of American theater.

Our Fitness Studio is located off of the Palm Springs Yacht Club lobby. Equipped with Technogym strength and cardio machines including: treadmills, Synchro and Vario elliptical machines, recline and recumbent bikes, free-weights and a complete crossfit tool kit for core centric training. The fitness studio is open 24 hours a day and we are happy to arrange for a personal trainer.

Additional Activities

Yoga icon


Our resident Yogis are fully versed in all yoga and restorative stretching therapies and they tailor their approach for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Table tennis icon

Table Tennis

Practice what the effects of spin can do for your game. Table tennis is always set up and waiting adjacent to the Lemonade Stand.

Giant chess icon

Giant Chess

If you love chess, play at a whole new dimension with this “giant chess set”. Ready and always set for play beside table tennis.

Bicyles icon


Our cruisers are sturdy classics perfect for a short turn around the block or more extended rides through surrounding neighborhoods.

Hiking icon


Our concierge can customize your hiking plans based on distance, scenery, level of difficulty or time requirements. Solo, group, or family we make it seamless and simple for you. We’ll even pack you a lunch.

Golf icon


Golf in the Coachella Valley is history as well as game. We are the golf destination for California and beyond. Quality, quantity, and history. The concierge can make all of the arrangements for you.

Additional Amenities

EV Charging

Parker Palm Springs provides both Tesla and Porsche EV chargers for hotel guest use.

Our legendary amenities will seduce your senses and become your favorite 5-star hotel in Palm Springs.

- Roll-in Shower with grab-bars and hand-held shower heads
- Wheelchair accessible: doors, peepholes, closet poles, sink/vanity
- Lowered closet hanging bars, counter and pull bars
- Lowered Bathroom features (door handle, towel racks, tower hooks and grab bars)
- Emergency Strobe Light
- TTY Communication Device
- Lowered Thermostat and Light Switches
- Raised Toilet Seat
- Televisions with closed caption feature
- Accessible parking available on site
- ADA-compliant Pool Lifts at all 3 pools and all hot tubs.