Hotel room with patio

“I’m a squirrel, and I collect like mad. I think a house should be a collection of your life and travels. This room is my biography.” - Fleur Cowles

Room Type: Villas

Villa Couch
Villa Living Room
Villa Bedroom
Villa Patio Seating

Twelve perfectly situated, stand alone Villas provide the privacy of your own home while maintaining physical proximity and full accessibility to the rest of our Palm Springs resort and spa. All Villas are configured as one bedroom suites with large, comfortable living rooms, dining area, and private hedgerow enclosed patios.

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Room Type: Atelier Rooms

How much does square footage really matter when the same decor, style and accoutrements fill the space? Spend less on your room and splurge and spoil yourself in our restaurants and spa. In this room, the focus is not on the outside world, but on providing an impeccable environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Room Type: Estate Rooms

Estate Room Bed

Discover serenity in our intimate estate rooms. Sliding floor-to-ceiling shutters diffuse sunlight and command privacy when you wish. The very same eclectic, happy decor and pampered comfort found in this cozy, accessible accommodation.

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Room Type: Accessible

Deluxe Room with Double Beds

Accessible 325Sqft/30Sqm (king or two double beds available). Lowered closet, hanging bars, counters and pull bars. Lowered door viewer. Wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Roll-in shower with hand-held shower heads. TTY Kits available upon request. Wheelchair available upon request. ADA Compliant Pool Lifts at all 3 pools and all hot tubs.

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Room Type: Deluxe

Deluxe Room with Double Beds

Bedazzling, Happy Chic Jonathan Adler design. Indulgent, comfy beds with plush, soft linens. Old Hollywood touches adorn the walls as well as ceramic inserts created especially for the Parker Palm Springs. Luxurious bathrooms feature an eclectic collection of designer amenities.

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Room Type: Hammock Rooms

Patio Hammock Room

Clean, minimal lines make for a striking cube bed juxtaposed against Moroccan textiles, grasspapered ceilings, and embellished throws. A wink to tradition with a duo of poppy red sitting chairs furthers this perfect style mash-up. A bathroom ladder chair serves as improvised tower holder while bedside sheepskin foot throws guarantee a plush threshold to bed. Insouciant charm and a bold, carefree eye instill pleasure, ease and indulgent comfort.

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Room Type: Junior Suite

Photo of Estate King Room

600 square feet of unrelenting bliss. The sexy four poster bed is complimented by vibrant red easy chairs that will make you want to sit for hours in the sheer luxury of the accommodation. If that was not enough, the gold lamé poofs will invite you to put your feet up and relax. One luxury bathroom not enough? Step onto your outdoor space and drink in the lush tropical gardens accented by the scents of the season while you contemplate your new favorite resort in Palm Springs.

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Room Type: Poolside Rooms

Lanai Bedroom with Pool View | Best resort in Palm Springs
Deluxe Room | Luxury Palm Springs resort

Poolside rooms are all about pool proximity -- along with their Bougainvillea-clad patios. Wake up, throw off the sheets, stride across your terrace, bound over the lawn and dive directly into this petite, aqua gem of a pool at the best resort in Palm Springs. First one out of the water gets the cabana. Repeat at night for a silent, solitary dip before bedtime.

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Room Type: Gene Autry Residence

Gene Autry Residence Master Bedroom
Gene Autry Residence Living Room | Best resort in Palm Springs
Gene Autry Residence Dining Room | Luxury Palm Springs resort
Gene Autry Patio Seating

The crown jewel of luxury resorts in Palm Springs, this bright white free-standing structure with its own front lawn and paved approach remains a touchstone for the property as the perfect example of home away from home. Characteristic of the mid-century architectural vernacular that defines Palm Springs: low-slung horizontal planes, white slump block cladding, an indoor/outdoor interior with open-air pass-through to a private enclosed patio. You will also find your own treatment room with sauna, a terrace off of the large open-plan living room for dining or cocktails, and a screening room. In addition, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths. By design, both transitional and transformative. It serves the solitary guest who requires room to roam or it becomes a hideaway for seclusion-seeking couples or, merely, the comfort of square footage for friends or family.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the best luxury resort in Palm Springs.

- Roll-in Shower with grab-bars and hand-held shower heads
- Wheelchair accessible: doors, peepholes, closet poles, sink/vanity
- Lowered closet hanging bars, counter and pull bars
- Lowered Bathroom features (door handle, towel racks, tower hooks and grab bars)
- Emergency Strobe Light
- TTY Communication Device
- Lowered Thermostat and Light Switches
- Raised Toilet Seat
- Televisions with closed caption feature
- Accessible parking available on site
- ADA-compliant Pool Lifts at all 3 pools and all hot tubs.