Image: Counter Reformation Bar

Offer:Glutton's Delight

Love eating and can't get enough?

We know who you are. On vacation and before you're finished with breakfast, you are discussing lunch. You haven't even had lunch and the topic of conversation is dinner. Ahh... Some say foodie we say glutton. Weekdays we have just the deal for you. For rates starting from only $249, receive one of our fabulous estate rooms and $250 worth of credit toward food and drinks (sorry folks, booze not included). Yes, your brain and stomach did process that correctly, we are giving you a room for free (we know you'll need to pass out after all that food!) Indulge all over the property, as the $250 applies to all our restaurants and room service. (Note, mister parker's is closed on Monday and Tuesday evenings). And if you wish to hang over a Friday or a Saturday, the same is available starting from $299. This is one deal you cannot deprive yourself.